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Swedish Massage (30, 45, 60 or 90-minutes available)

A Swedish massage focuses on the soft tissues of the body such as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A series of manipulations are used to ease the body and prepare the muscles for mobilizing and stretching. Increased blood flow and circulation to the body helps aid toxins in being released from the muscles. 


Deep Tissue Massage (30, 45, 60 or 90-minutes available)

Our Deep Tissue Massage is perfect to release severe, built up tension in the connective tissues and muscles in your body. This treatment is recommended for clients who are aiding an old injury, have hard physical demands for work, or for those who may be experiencing pain on a regular basis. Following your appointment, muscles may be sore for a day or two.


Esalen Deep Tissue Massage (30, 45, 60 or 90-minutes available)

This treatment uses a combination of massage and direct facial mobilization techniques to release tension that often causes structural changes to the body. This will reduce levels of chronic pain, begin correcting posture, and help with the release of emotional or physical patterning held within the body.


Couples Massage (60-90 minutes available)

We now have a beautiful newly renovated couples room, overlooking the grand river. Perfect for a quick get away, from your everyday routine. We invite you to come and experience a relaxing and romantic indulgence with your special someone. As all your muscle aches and pains diminish, you will leave with a restored sense of inner calm and well being that you can share with your partner.


Prenatal Massage (30, 45, 60 or 90-minutes available)

A Relaxing Swedish massage is recommended during the later stages of pregnancy. It is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Massage can be very beneficial in the third trimester to help relieve low back discomfort brought on by the center of gravity changes that result from the growing fetus. The mother-to-be is usually lying on the side, with extra pillows and cushions supporting the legs and belly for comfort. There are some risks involved mostly during the first trimester, however the Massage Therapist will avoid sensitive areas of the body, as well as acupressure points that are known to trigger labor. It is worth considering both the benefits and risk of a Prenatal treatment before scheduling an appointment.


Hot Stone Therapy (90 minutes available)

Stone therapy is the therapeutic use of stones that are heated or cooled in water. It combines Swedish massage with the application of these hot or cold Basalt Stones which are either massaged over the body or placed upon specific areas. Heated Basalt Lava Stones are used to enhance a nurturing head-to-toe deep tissue massage. As the stones glide over the muscles, tensions melt away. The stones are applied up and down the body, front and back, lingering longer at each area during the therapy, penetrating a little deeper with each application and each new set of fresh hot stones. Penetrating heat radiates into muscles to provide stress reduction, deep relaxation and relief from physical pain. This one-of-a-kind treatment addresses physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Benefits of Stone Therapy:

• Clients will be more relaxed.

• Many people find the stones to have a grounding or meditative effect beyond Swedish massage.

• Greater value over standard massage.

• Using alternating hot and cold stones causes an increased blood flow and faster healing.

• Tendons and fascia will loosen faster and stretch further with the application of hot stones.

• Increased range of motion.

• Works well for clients who suffer from fibromyalgia or those who cannot tolerate deep pressure.

• Stone placement on the abdomen gently treats the organs of the abdomen while the therapist works on the rest of the body.


*In regards to cancellations, please allow for 24 hours notice!*



30 Minute Massage - $50

45 Minute Massage - $65

60 Minute Massage - $80

 90 Minute Massage - $110

Couples Massage- $160

Hot Stone Massage - $130


- Plus HST -


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