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“Have you ever suffered from some of the following symptoms?”









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  • Arthritis

  • Constipation/ Diarrhea

  • Acne or Rash

  • Bad breath/Body odor

  • Nightly Urination

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Emotional Eating
    - Inability to gain or lose

  • Nutritional Problems

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Memory Loss

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Restless Sleep/Insomnia

  • Phobia or Anxiety

  • Depression/Mood Swings

  • Palliative

  • Need for Autoimmune and Cancer Support

  • Allergies

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Chronic Conditions and Management

  • Weight Gain

  • Fatigue

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Skin Issues

  • Gout

BIE, Homeopathy & Wellness Services

Bio-Energetics (BIE) - with Sladjana

Bio-Energetics is a simple, natural and non-invasive modality that aids in one’s body achieving balance (homeostasis) without the use of needles or drugs. Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium, or stable internal balance of the body. Vital life force energy (Bio-Energy) fills every cell within the human body. Energy controls every metabolic process, including biochemical changes that occur within the cells. It controls the utilization of the nutritional substances, the functioning of all body systems including the immune system. We encounter daily substances such as: foods, pollens, dander, and chemicals, even electromagnetic fields such as radiation, cell phones and WIFI. Each of these has their own energy frequency. Our body becomes disrupted / imbalanced when it doesn’t recognize the energy frequencies of a substance, causing a stressor to our body. This Homeostatic imbalance can lead to disease, illness and most common allergic reactions. Every disease state and pathogen has its associated harmonic and disharmonious frequencies. To bring balance back into the body, BIE utilizes a state-of-the-art instrument to direct energy onto various acupuncture points. The body can then recognize the energy frequency of the stressor and therefore alleviate the cause of the symptoms and discomfort.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) (45 min massage with BIE session): 2-4 Sessions Recommended - with Sladjana

TMJ can cause jaw pain, headaches, bruxism, and other unpleasant symptoms. By using massage techniques on muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint, TMJ patients may be able to temporarily lessen the pain and ease their symptoms. A BIE session, together with a 45 minute Massage Therapy Treatment may help to target the root cause of this condition by balancing the mind and body through a network of energy channels called meridians. This can help to reset the neuromuscular tension of the jaw. 2-4 sessions may be all that is required to notice a remarkable decrease in symptoms related to TMJ disorder.

Counselling/ Assessment / Care Plan - with Kim

Totality of concerns to form an individual symptom picture. This also includes patient history,
current treatments and medications. The information is compiled and reportized into a care plan
that involves complimentary recommendations, support counselling, medicines, etc.



 Bio-Energetics (BIE) - with Sladjana
Initial Visit and Assessment - $160
Follow-up - $60


TMJ Treatment - with Sladjana

45 Minute Massage with BIE Session - $100 

(2-4 sessions recommended for best results)

Counselling / Nursing & Homeopathic Assessment

and Care Plans - with Kim
2 Hour Counselling / Assessment - $150

1 Hour Care Plan and Follow Up - $75

(Additional charges for remedies may apply.)

*Remedies may be purchased at other locations, bought on site,

or compounded by practitioner to meet specific patient needs.


-  Plus HST -


*In regards to cancellations, please allow for 24 hours notice!*

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